2009 tray meeting
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                                              2009 tray meeting
    May 21 ~ 22, 2009 the national tray working meeting held in nanjing victory, the backbone of the tray from all over the country, experts and scholars production enterprise of more than 60 people gather together and the current financial crisis background, the tray enterprise how to break through fog, return, tray industry how to rally together, the coordinated development and how to develop and implement good tray standards, to ensure that our country and the tray and rapid development of strategic problems such as warm and in-depth discussion.

     At the meeting of the committee WuQing presided over a tray, director of China federation of logistics &purchasing, director of industry zhang Ming first important speech, the standing committee, deputy director of the tray JinWei representative tray entrusts with an "to establish the scientific development view, explore our country tray development sunshine avenue" issues, made a theme report, then, tray backbone production enterprise leader HuWenLong, XuPing, HuangLiHua, Yang orange double, wu YongWei and LiTaiPing, LiDaGang, and other famous scholars on the speech, WuQing a director finally summarized.

     This meeting, is a communication, open heart, making friends meeting, give a person a kind of family atmosphere and feeling. Please take the chance to put together the information exchange each other know, want to say a underlying, put the issue of common concern to negotiate a proposed, mutual help XiangBang with each other, and learn, were determined to together on the "the number" ship, brave the wind and waves, YongWangZhiQian!

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